Wanna Battle?

1. Download the monthly arsenal to construct your song and performance here:


2. Create a most awesome track and 2 to 3 minute performance video that includes a screenshot and video. Guidelines Here

3. Upload your video here. Your video will be approved and published to the Laptop Battle YouTube channel and to our monthly battle playlist here at laptopbattle.com.

4. Share the battle with your friends and wait for judgement day.


Performance videos are due on the last day of each month. A champion will be selected and the next arsenal and battle will be launched.


Each month, we will select an awesome panel of judges, including past champions, founders and other peeps we deem respectable.


We’ve created a leaderboard based on a very simple weighted ratio of views and likes of your video. Being #1 on the leaderboard doesn’t mean you’ll win. But, hopefully it means that your video is really good. This is still beta, so hang in there. We’ll figure it out.

First Online Battle Ends